Rebranding and development of brand communications for Ingla School of English in London. Link: Ingla School of English
The first step consisted of aligning their philosophy and values into a solid, functional and timeless brand by creating guidelines.
Some of the applications developed for this client are branded graphics, infographic videos, logo animations (template), social media content, banners, web designs, flyers, posters, cards, and documents such as price lists and tailored campaings.
Promotional video to show the soul and funniest activities of the school.
Summer offer banner for in presential and online lessons.
Long term project to teach students small pieces of English to complement their learning and attract more clients to the School.
An Infographic video to explain the technical steps to connect with the new online courses in a easy to undestand way.
Explanatory video about the first steps you'll have to take to start learning English online at Ingla School of English.
Some social media, web assets and campaings posts designed. 
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