Design and development of Virtual Reality and 360º products for the integration in the brand of the Museum La Neomudejar.​​​​​​​
The video is in a 360º format so you can interact with it (can be view on desktop, tablets, smartphones and VR glasses).
Click and drag on desktop or move around a circle if you are using a smartphone.
These are the personalized VR glasses, for sale in the Museum shop, they could perform a VR experience with a phone, and are designed to interact with the virtual reality experiences designed for the museum (360º-Video and WebVR).

(Firefox browser is recommend for smartphones when using webVR)
 I discovered the potential of 360º-Virtual Reality technologies with different tools as WebVR, 360º Video and Google cardboard among other VR experiences in the path of research and test making.
By deep research in 360º Web, I developed a Virtual reality-based registry of seasons expositions, offering a new experience for getting in touch with the museum by a VR microsite that as the 360º videos, was available in all kind of devices, including smartphones, desktops, tablets and virtual reality headsets.
2D templates designed to promote exhibitions, the 360º templates were designed together to it
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