RAYDEN (360º video - New album promotional):
An experiment developed to improve the workflow between virtual reality animation and the music industry.
Music Videoclip made to express social criticism concepts expressed in the lyrics of the song.
Typographic video for the famous Spanish artist, Chojin in line with the topic of the song, vocalization.
Rotoscopic video clip made with different references to make a visual representation of the song.
Rap Videoclip with small animations that made the public get more engaged with the song.
I've been:
Synesthesia video clip, one of my first video projects where I found the power of animation to represent feelings.
Crisantemo - Clint Eastwood (Mr. Ours Remix):
Stopmotion video clip, made out of pictures (excluding the intro.) this was one of the first projects of the synesthetic experiment.
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